About Us

The Sloane Spa at The Sloane Clinic is specially created by our team of doctors to provide the ultimate pampering for your skin without compromising on efficacy and results. The focus of The Sloane Spa is cutting edge facials and body skin treatments that are one step short of a visit to doctor’s office, yet so much more than your traditional scrub and mask. We help you take the guesswork out of skincare. We’ve identified your biggest skincare concerns (um, sunspots, acne, wrinkles, oiliness anyone?) and we offer the best solutions to make healthy, beautiful skin an absolute no-brainer.

After giving thousands of Deep Red treatments over the years, we've gained recognition as a no nonsense skin spa that delivers results using proven scientific methods and unique skin solutions. Our passion is passing that 'glow-how' on to you. Our vast know-how in skin and body 'perk-me-ups' are the basis of The Sloane Spa — be it expert aesthetician advice, cutting-edge facial concoctions or trailblazing body treatments. We've stockpiled some serious science savvy. We've tried and tested so you know we can be trusted. We know that not all complexions are created equal, that's why we offer options.

Of course, behind all of this primping prowess is a dose of our trademark efficient and no-nonsense attitude. We believe that bringing a fun, unpretentious approach to everything we do will make even a simple spa experience a rewarding one for you. After all, what good is grooming if you can't do it with a grin and see some real results after?

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