Spa Glow-How

Enlarged Pores & Blackheads

Facial tips: Clear Blue | Crystal Clear

Skincare tips:

Minimize shine with mild AHAs.

Do not over exfoliate your skin as this may cause over production of sebum.

Clinical tips: Laser Peel

A mild carbon activated laser system designed by Korean dermatologists to minimize pores and smoothen out skin.

Breakouts & Acne

Facial tips: Deep Red | Deep Deep Clean

Skincare tips:

Do not pick at your skin.

Food has not been known to cause acne but maintaining a healthy balanced diet will help your overall complexion.

Clinical tips: Smoothbeam

A FDA approved laser designed to target the oil glands that causes acne outbreaks, leaving skin balanced, calm and clear.

Hyperpigmentation & Uneven Texture

Facial tips: Go Glow Facial

Skincare tips:

UV protection is vital. Use SPF 30 even when you are not outdoors.

Topical vitamin C is an useful antioxidant to brighten skin.

Clinical tips: Pigment Laser

An effective blemish-clearing laser that puts the clarity and glow back to pigmented skins.

Dull, aged skin

Facial tips: Classic Epicuren

Skincare tips:

Include more antioxidant rich foods in your diet such as berries.

Cocoa found in chcoclates can have an anti-ageing effect.

Clinical tips: Ulthera

An ultrasound non-invasive facelifting procedure to put the youth back into sagging faces.

Redness & Rosacea

Facial tips: Green Tea & Ginger

Skincare tips:

Certain foods can make your rosacea worse. Avoid alcohol and spicy foods.

Certain medications can help treat rosacea. Consult your doctor for advice.

Clinical tips: Vbeam

A gentle pulsed dye laser that can soothe and calm red, flushed skins as well as minimise broken capillaries.

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